May 08, 2012

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story

     This hardcover graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics with writer Jeff Jensen (from Entertainment Weekly) and artist Jonathan Case follows the investigation and subsequent 180 day interview of the Green River Killer, Gary Leon Ridgway, by detective Tom Jensen (writer Jeff Jensen's own father). For those who don't know, Gary Leon Ridgway was convicted of 48 murders and has confessed to almost twice that many. From the 1980's and into the 1990's he stalked the Seattle area and would strangle women and dump their bodies in the forests or overgrown areas.  

     The book tells an interesting story through the detective's struggles with the investigation, the subsequent interview, and his family life. The story is told through a series of scenes from the interview with Ridgway, and flashbacks to the past of the investigation. The art is simple and clean and conveys the emotions of the characters really well.

     I would suggest checking this book out as the story is compelling, the simple art is often striking and it provides a different angle on the capture of one of America's most prolific serial killers. 8.5/10

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