May 05, 2012

Cycling Movies

     In honour of today's first stage of the 2012 Giro D'Italia I've created a list of good cycling movies. I haven't seen all of these but I have seen them all recommended at one point.

American Flyers - Kevin Costner with a massive moustache on a bicycle. What more could you want?
A Sunday In Hell - 1976 Paris Rubaix. Very cool to see all the classic riders.
Bicycle Dreams
Breaking Away - Love this one! A small town American boy dreams of becoming a racer and Italian.
Chasing Legends - Following the 2009 TDF.
Flying Scotsman - 2006 movie about Graeme Obree breaking the Hour record on his home made bike.
The Hard Road
Hell On Wheels
Greatest Show On Earth
La Course En Tete
Race Across the Sky
RAD - BMX racing. This one has a sweet high school dance scene that can't be missed.
The Ride
Ride the Divide
Road to Paris
Road to Rubaix
Stars and Water Carriers
The Tour baby
The Triplets of Belleville - Beautiful animated film.
Wired to Win

Let me know if there are any I have forgotten!

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