May 12, 2012

Gibson SG '61 Re-Issue

     This is my most beloved guitar. It was built in 1995 and I've had it for a decade now. The owner previous to me modified the guitar with a Bigsby B5 vibrato. In 2002 I was shopping around for a new guitar. At the time I had a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar and an early 80's BC Rich Bich electric. I was planning on buying a new Gibson faded SG special but the prices here in Toronto were almost double those of the United States. I wound up walking into Long & McQuade on Bloor St. and the used '61 RI SG was just put out onto the sale floor. I played the guitar for a while and I knew that it would be mine. A deposit was placed that day before I left. I was not allowed to buy the guitar that day because the store had to wait two weeks before selling the guitar to verify that it was not stolen.

     I have bought and sold many guitars since picking up the SG in 2002 but it continues to be my favourite (I still have 10 electric guitars/bases in my collection) . The guitar plays like a dream and the '57 classic pickups have a great tone no matter what amp I'm playing through. I currently have the guitar set up with Dean Markley Medium with wound G strings (.011, .013, .020, .030, .042, .052) and use it for most of my rocking out. This guitar has earned a 10/10

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