May 25, 2012

The Avengers Movie

     Don't worry there are no plot spoilers. Last night I went and saw The Avengers. It was a great summer popcorn film. Joss Whedon put together a fun cast of characters and gave them each a unique personality. I was impressed by the effects for the big battle scenes, the S.H.I.E.L.D. carrier, and most of all the new Hulk which looked spectacular.

     At this point Marvel has already made movies featuring other Avengers cast members from the comics. I think that Spider-Man and Wolverine would have been some interesting additions to the cast of heroes selected for the movie. Spider-Man is just a reserve member in the comics but his joking while fighting personality could have been entertaining with Robert Downy Jr's Iron Man. Wolverine is the only X-Man to be able to maintain an ongoing comic and get his own movie. The character of Wolverine could have been a good team member to contrast with the Hulk (Wolverine's claws can cut the Hulk's skin and the Hulk can smash Wolverine). In fact, the first appearance of Wolverine in the comic books was as an enemy for the Hulk (1974) and they continue to fight each other to this day.

     Here's a page from the newer Old Man Logan series (2009).

     Marvel seems to be making a ton of money with this film so I'm sure that there will be a future sequel. Other Avengers that Marvel could consider putting in a sequel are The Vision, Ant Man and The Scarlet Witch. If you haven't seen the movie yet go check it out. A big screen is the best way to experience a blockbuster like this one. 7.5/10

     This picture gives you an idea of how many Avengers Marvel has to choose from when producing the sequel!

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