August 09, 2012

Y: The Last Man

      Last week I decided to do a complete reading of the Vertigo series Y: The Last Man. Published in 60 issues from September 2002 to March 2008, Y is the story of a global instantaneous plague that kills all mammals with a Y chromosome (males) except for Yorick Brown and his capuchin monkey Ampersand.

     After the sudden death of all men, society and infrastructure are in shambles. Yorick, along with Ampersand, the mysterious agent 355 and brilliant geneticist doctor Allison Mann must embark on an epic journey around the world to try and discover the cause and possible cure for the deadly plague, why Yorkick and his monkey managed to survive, and to find Yorick's fiancee Beth who was in Australia at the time of the disaster. All of this while being chased by an anti-male cult know as The Daughters Of The Amazon, the Israeli army, the Setauket ring, the Australian Navy, and a Japanese ninja named Toyota.

     This series is truly exceptional. The characters are well developed and the art is clean and expressive. Y: The Last Man shows how different people cope with the disappearance of males from the planet and the possible extinction of the human race. There is a great mix of action, comedy, romance and tragedy.

     A film has apparently been in development limbo for some time but unless it's at least a trilogy I believe that it can't do the comics justice. I think that Y: The Last Man would be much better suited as a television series just like The Walking Dead has been successfully adapted on AMC.

     Even if you're not into the comic book or graphic novel medium I think that Y: The Last Man is good enough that I would recommend it to everybody. I give the complete series of 60 issues a 10/10.

     If you don't want to track down all 60 comic issues the series is also currently available as ten trade paperbacks or as five deluxe editions.

     I recently found this fan film for the comic series. The acting is pretty poor but it may be the only live action Last Man we get for a while.

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