July 19, 2012

Smash That Burger!

     For years I have been making my hamburgers by mixing in bread crumbs, egg, seasoning and some vegetables (onion, jalapeno...) into my meat before forming it into a patty and frying in a pan. Today I decided to try out the smash method. I bought some regular ground beef from the local butcher and simply scooped a handfull into a hot frying pan. I then flattened the meat out with a spatula and let it cook. Once it was ready I flipped it over and let it cook some more. That's it! Done! The burger was awesome and reminded me of The Burger's Priest which is my favourite burger place in the city. This will now be my burger cooking method of choice. I would have taken pictures but I ate all three burgers before I could get my camera out. Here's a video of Wimpy from Popeye making a smash burger in 1933! I would probably cook it a little longer than he does though.

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