July 22, 2012

Brunch Review - The Drake Hotel

     This morning I met with some friends for brunch at The Drake Hotel. Brunch starts at 9:00AM and we lined up at about 10:00. The place was almost full but we got a table on the inside of the diner.

     The menu is short but everything sounds good. One of my friends and I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles (herb waffle, maple syrup, creme fraiche, fried chicken and Niagara cherry jam) and my other friend ordered the Drake Breakfast (3 eggs, Perth bacon and Cumbrae's sausage, home fries and marble rye toast).

     As we waited for our food we could see plates being delivered to the other tables and everything looked delicious. The Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles were great. I was expecting the chicken to be on the bone but instead I received 3 moist, breaded and crispy fried chicken breast strips. The waffle was absolutely huge and took up most of the plate. A reasonable amount of maple syrup (not too much or too little) covered the entire dish and it was all topped with the Niagara cherry jam and creme fraiche.

     After eating the dish I was completely stuffed so I didn't feel like any desert but that was fine because the meal was both savoury and sweet so I got my sugar for the morning. My friend and I were very happy with our chicken and waffles and my other friend said that he also enjoyed his Drake Breakfast. I would totally go back to The Drake Hotel for brunch again. Next time I might consider ordering the Eggs Caleb (2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, arugula, toasted english muffin, hollandaise sauce and home fries) but the Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles were so good it would be hard not to order them again. After we left the hotel we noticed that Julianne Moore was waiting in the brunch lineup. Not only do you get a delicious meal at The Drake Hotel but you may also see a celebrity! I give brunch at The Drake Hotel a 9/10.

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