July 20, 2012

1995 MIM fender Strat

     I got this guitar in a trade ( I think it was for my Dillion Firebird but I can't quite remember). When I got the guitar it sounded and played great but the pickguard was a mess. It was white and looked like it had been shattered and glued back together. I decided to replace all of the electronics and ordered a Superstrat Wiring Kit and a set of grey bottom single coil pickups from Guitar Fetish. The Supertrat Wiring Kit allows for 13 different pickup configurations:

  • 1) Bridge Pickup In Phase
  • 2) Middle Pickup In Phase
  • 3) Neck Pickup In Phase
  • 4) Bridge/Middle Pickups In Phase
  • 5) Middle/Neck Pickups In Phase
  • 6) Bridge/Neck Pickups In Phase
  • 7) All Three Pickups In Phase
  • 8) Bridge/Middle Pickups Out Of Phase
  • 9) Middle/Neck Pickups Out Of Phase
  • 10) Bridge/Neck Pickups Out Of Phase
  • 11) Neck/Middle Pickups In Phase, Bridge Out Of Phase
  • 12) Bridge/Middle Pickups In Phase, Neck Out Of Phase
  • 13) Bridge/Neck Pickups In Phase, Middle Out Of Phase

         The kit came with some nice and clear instructions and after about an hour worth of soldering everything was installed and working properly. Unfortunately, I did not like the new pickups or dealing with all the toggle switches (too many options to play with). I put the pre-wired pickguard up for sale at my cost and it sold in a day.

         I used the money from the pickguard sale to order a standard black H/S/S pickguard, a Crunchy Pat high output humbucker for the bridge and some black single coil pickup covers. I salvaged the neck and middle pickup from busted up white pickguard that originally came with the guitar and wired everything together. The guitar is set up with 9 gauge strings and plays like a dream. The MIM neck and middle pickups are nice and smooth and the bridge humbucker has some great crunch. I also love the black on red look. It reminds me of Brad Gillis of Night Ranger lol. I give the guitar a 9/10.

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