April 01, 2012

Mister Beer Bottle Brew

     I just found out about this place called Bottle Brew yesterday afternoon. The company states:

"Mister Beer Bottle Brew is craft-brewed using only the finest Canadian Barley Malt, with no additives or preservatives used in our brewing process.

Stefan Riedelsheimer, our German born brew-master, studied his trade in Munich, Germany, before moving to Canada in the 1990's. His passion and dedication to great beer is reflected in the quality and flavour of our products.

The traditional German Hefe-Weizen style of beer, which is partially fermented and aged in bottles, is where the initial idea of BottleBrew was born.

Unlike commercial breweries, fermentation is completed under pressure in the bottle, similar to Champagne. The result is a fresher, smoother tasting, unfiltered beer with a natural fine carbonation, similar to Champagne
     I will be purchasing an 8 pack of 2L bottles (equal to about 48 regular glass bottles) sometime tomorrow and I'll be sure to document and rate the results. It takes 10 days to complete the fermentation process so stay tuned....

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