April 23, 2012

Bottle Brew Conclusion

     My beers are brewed! They were actually done at the beginning of last week but I didn't feel like drinking 2 litres of beer by myself on a week night. I opened the bottle of Cerveza on Saturday night while I rolled my sushi dinner. As you can see in this picture the beer is once again clear (it's very murky while fermenting in the bottle) and there is a layer of yeast sitting at the bottom of the bottle. Try not to disturb the yeast layer while pouring the bottle. It's not bad for you, it will just alter the flavour of the beer and give you some extra B group vitamins.

     I have been told by some friends and family who have previously brewed their own beer at home that it will taste like crap but I was very pleased with this beer. When I opened the bottle it let off a satisfying hiss and it's easily just as good as the majority of bottled beers available at the LCBO or Beer Store.

     The Cerveza has a smooth and refreshing taste and had more carbonation than I was expecting. However, the carbonation will eventually disappear after the bottle is opened and will probably last less than three days. I managed to finish most of the bottle in an evening with a glass remaining to have with lunch the next day.

     Based on this bottle I plan on buying more of these beers in the near future. For the month of April Bottlebrew is holding a promotion called the MB24 special. You get 24 2 litre bottles of beer for $89 including taxes and you can select any combination of flavours that you want. That comes out to just over 60 cents per glass of beer! Get the MB24 Special coupon HERE.

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