April 23, 2012

3 Inches Of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal Review

    Long Live Heavy Metal is the 5th studio album from Vancouver metal band 3 Inches Of Blood.

     This album is a little different than their other releases in that it includes a couple of instrumental tracks and some acoustic guitar. At this point I believe vocalist Cam Pipes is the only current member who has appeared on all 5 albums and he is still belting the songs out like a small, bearded viking version of King Diamond. The album starts off strong with the epic Metal Woman and the even better My Sword Will Not Sleep. Both songs are great classic 3 Inches Of Blood. The first instrumental track, Chief And The Blade,  features the acoustic guitar with a  flute and is not bad at all. It leads into the song Dark Messenger which features an acoustic intro but quickly changes over to the standard metal 3 Inches is so good at. The rest of the album is pretty straight forward and features a mixed bag of songs. I enjoyed the marching rhythms of 4000 Torches but there's something about  the song Storming Juno that makes me want to skip it. The album ends with another instrumental tune called One For The Ditch that has a nice electric solo over an acoustic backing. I give the album a 7.5/10

Metal Woman. Track 1 of Long Live Heavy Metal

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