March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead

     The season finale of The Walking Dead aired on AMC last night and I am happy to say that the show is finally getting on track! This will probably contain some spoilers so don’t read any further if you haven’t seen the show yet. I have been following the Image comic books for a couple of years now (issue #95 should be coming out sometime next week) and when they announced The Walking Dead as a TV show for October 2010 I had some really high expectations. Until the last three episodes of season 2 my expectations were not met. The show has been slow, light on the zombies and some of the characters have been getting on my nerves (Shane, Andrea, Carol and Dale). In episode 11, “Judge, jury, Executioner”, I was happy to see Dale get torn apart in a field. In episode 12, “Better Angels”, Shane is finally killed by Rick (although I would have preferred if it went down like in the comics where Carl is the one to kill Shane).

     Last night’s finale was full of zombies and action, low on the preaching, some people were lost and the best part is they introduced two of my favourite things from the comic series. Michone is shown briefly after saving Andrea in the woods and in the last shot of the show the camera pulls back to reveal a prison complex in the distance. The introduction of both Michone and the prison seem to indicate that the show is going to more closely follow the comics in the coming seasons. If this is true I hope to see The Governor possibly making an appearance next season to cause some real hell.  I’m glad the season ended with a bang and it sucks that the show won’t be back till the fall.

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