November 02, 2012

Riding Hills In Toronto

     Now that the cycling season in Toronto is almost over and it's time to get the trainer out of storage I just found a great list of hills for cyclists in Toronto! Toronto is a mostly flat city so it's great to know where the hills are. The list was published by BlogTO in 2009 but it should be pretty up to date because I don't think that the city has grown any new mountains since then. I guess I now have a list to try and tackle next year when it's fun to ride outside again!

Check out the BlogTO list of "The Best (Or Worst!) Hills For Cyclists In Toronto" Here

     Be sure to read all the comments too because there are a few more hills mentioned that aren't included in the body of the list. I still get nightmares about riding up Rattlesnake Point (the last hill on the list) because it totally kicked my ass!

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