October 04, 2012

The Destroyer

     This five issue comic series was published under the Marvel Max imprint (basically the R rated Marvel) in 2009. The story was written by Robert Kirkman (Astounding Wolf-Man, Invincible and The Walking Dead) and illustrated by Cory Walker (Invincible) and features an elderly Keene Marlow as The Destroyer.

     The character of The Destroyer first appeared in the 1940's and this newer Marvel Max version picks up as though the original series never ended making Keene almost 100 years old. In the comic Marlow finds out from a doctor that his heart is bad and he doesn't have much longer to live. Destroyer sets out to kill all of his remaining enemies so that his wife and family can be safe when he is gone.

     The comic is well written (as usual for Kirkman) and the art is clean and violent. I would recommend this to anybody who may have missed in back in 2009. I give The Destroyer a 9/10. I wish it were a continuing series.

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