September 30, 2012

Danko Jones - Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue

     I recently got my European version of Danko Jones' 7th and newest album, Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue. I had to order one from over seas because it doesn't come out till October 9th in Canada and I didn't want to wait that long.

     I don't think Danko Jones has made a bad album yet, and this one just continues his streak of being awesome. There are 14 tracks (including the bonus track "In Your Arms") and after only a few times listening through the album they are all quite strong. Some stand out tracks for me include Terrified, Get up, Legs, Just A Beautiful Day, I Don't Care, You Wear Me Down, Type Of Girl, Always Away, Conceited, Don't Do This, The Masochist, I Believed in God and In Your Arms (Oh damn I guess that's all of them!).

     I give the album a 9.5/10. I'd give him twenty more points if they would put the song Mountain on one of their albums!

     Buy the new album and check them out when they come by on tour. You won't be disappointed. Upcoming tour dates can be found HERE. I also read that Danko Jones has recently been added as a columnist for The Huffington Post if his podcast and radio show aren't enough Danko to get you through the day.

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